Why are dental treatments cheaper in Turkey?

Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular with many looking to have dental treatment work done in Turkey. Specifically to save money. Here are some reasons why dental treatments are considerably less here in Turkey.

Travelling to Turkey for Dental Treatment

Dental surgery can be incredibly costly. However, with the world becoming smaller as travel becomes less expensive. You can experience significant financial savings by having dental treatments in Turkey. The cost of travel would seem less excessive when compared to the savings made on your dental treatment.

We believe that Turkey will be the best option for many European-based clients, seeking treatment overseas. Only due to other European currencies’ strength, including the Sterling against the Turkish Lira. Accommodation, food and all other amenities necessary for a fantastic holiday are relatively inexpensive too in comparison.

Why are dental treatments less expensive compared to other countries?

Dental treatment procedures carried out in Turkey costs less than that of Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia. The reasons for this are that the rates of running a business are considerably lower, but not only that the cost of the dental materials is also not as high as in the UK.

Another factor that you should consider is the cost of a fully qualified dentist’s education and training. This will, to a degree, ultimately affect their salary requirements, and as such. These rates reflect in the prices that we pass onto our clients. If you’re thinking low cost means less quality, then think again.

Here at Sevil Smile Studio, we have the highest standard of technology (here in Turkey we are well resourced in this regard and can supply a full set of veneers or crowns in less than a week). Our multi-disciplinary team of highly specialized professionals will give you a complete smile makeover, managing a perfect balance between the smile aesthetic and the functionality and precision of your bite for a gorgeous result.

Complimentary services

Where other dental clinics may include additional charges for consultations and scans etc. Sevil Smile Studio provides consultations with our team of dentists, surgeons, nurses using nurses 2D panoramic X-Rays and 3D Tomographic scans where necessary, all free of charge. All of these services would incur additional costs on top of your treatment if carried out in other countries.

Sevil Smile Studio is an ideal place to have your dental treatment. You will be look after by a specialist team of dentists while enjoying your holiday in this paradise of beautiful beaches, luxurious hotel resorts, fascinating culture, delicious cuisine and so much more.

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