Veneers & Zirconium Crowns

What to expect from Laminate Veneers and Zirconium Crowns

I would like to tell you about our Laminate Veneers and Zirconium Crowns Treatments we offer here at Sevil Smile Studio. These treatments usually consist of three sessions, with the first initial session being the longest – but don’t worry, our team will make sure you have everything you need and are comfortable.

First visit to the clinic for your crowns

When you first arrive at the clinic, we would perform an X-ray scan of your teeth and conduct a detailed consultation. As you can appreciate, the online consultation is not enough to reach a conclusive decision. We then check and analyse your overall oral condition and review your X-ray results in detail. After your initial consultation, we inform you briefly about your proposed treatment plan. Together with your dentist, you will agree on your dental treatment plan and smile makeover design. Once you are happy and agree upon it, both you and your dentist will sign your consent treatment form.

Starting your smile transformation

We would start by making you completely numb and comfortable with a topical numbing spray and then when that starts to work, and you go numb, we would inject more anaesthetic with a needle, which you may not feel as you are already going numb from the spray. At most, it may feel something like an insect bite. Once the numbing effect is sufficient, we would then start to file your teeth.

It takes around 2 hours for your teeth to filed down, which will be 1mm for Laminate Veneers and 2mm for Zirconium Crowns, to allow your new teeth to slide on top and be no larger than the size of your original teeth. For example, if you had small or ground down teeth in some circumstances, we would make your new smile design bigger to fit your correct bite.

At the end of Filing process

At the end of the filing process, we take impressions for your final Veneer and Zirconium Crowns and your temporary teeth. These temporary teeth will protect your newly filed original teeth from hot and cold temperatures. They are not durable and as aesthetically pleasing in appearance as your real Zirconium Crowns and your natural teeth. But you will use them just for a couple of days until your Zirconium Crowns are ready.

We would kindly ask you to remain in the clinic for approximately two hours, while our dental technician prepares your temporaries and brings them from our laboratory. During this fitting process, you may feel a slight discomfort as you feel gentle pressure, typically the numbing effect will continue to work during this time. After fitting your temporaries, you will be able to leave. You can then spend your time freely enjoying your holiday. After two days you will come back to the clinic for the second stage of your treatment.

Second visit to the clinic – Trial fit of your Zirconium Crowns

During this visit, we assess each of the crowns one by one to check that they fit correctly. First, we perform all the technical checks, such as how each crown interacts with your gum line, their contact with each other during your bite and your general mouth anatomy. Afterwards, we check the aesthetics of the treatment. At this point, some of our dental team will attend the evaluation stage. After finalizing the checking stage, you can then review the look and feel and check if you’re happy

or if you want to make slight adjustments, such as shape or colour, we can do this until you’re satisfied and happy with your results.

Once you’re happy, we will pop your temporaries back in and send your Veneers and Zirconium Crown back to the laboratory for final polishing. During this time, you will be using your temporaries again. You can continue your holiday until you are invited back to the clinic for your last treatment stage.

Third visit – Final fitting

At this stage, your crowns will be ready for their final fitting. They will be polished and sterilized. We will apply another anaesthetic injection to prevent any potential sense of pain, just like the first filing day. Once the anaesthetic injection takes effect, we take your temporaries off, fit your new polished Zirconium Crowns one by one and recheck them with you.

Once the final checks are complete, we will clean and dry your teeth. At the same time, our dental nurses will prepare the adhesive. We then put this adhesive inside your crowns, to make them fix in place faster, we use a special light. The adhesive material contains glass ıonomer cement and composite together, which attaches firmly and prevents your teeth from decaying (glass ionomer cement also makes your teeth stronger). After fitting and cleaning off any remnants of adhesive, we recheck your bite anatomy, and then you will then be free to leave the clinic. Please note that you should not eat anything for two hours after the treatment is finished.

After the fitting stage, we will invite you back to the clinic for a final check-up before your departure. We will briefly inform you how to take care of your new teeth and how to practice mouth hygiene with your new Veneers and Zirconium Crowns. Your final photographs will be taken, and we say farewell to you and your amazing new smile!