Lumineers are unique in that they are ultra-thin (approximately 0.2 mm) and highly translucent, allowing them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel. While traditional veneers are much thicker, requiring the grinding down of your original tooth structure, Lumineers are so thin that little to no tooth reduction is necessary. Additionally, the durability of Lumineers allows them to resist wear and remain resilient.


Treatment Schedule

Treatment time duration allow for 6 Days in Turkey.

The first step of your treatment after our introduction appointment/consultation/X-Ray with your dentist, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth and our technical team start to design and produce your new LUMINEERS. Approximately 2-3 days later you will return to the clinic, your dentist will fit your LUMINEERS completing your new Sevil Smile Studio – Smile Design.

Natural appearance
No tooth reduction
Guarantee 2 years



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