£ 280

This option is a type of all-ceramic Laminate Veneers that has an appealing translucent colour combined with extra strength and durability. Laminate Veneers are made from a single block of lithium ceramic. This high-grade material is harvested for its toughness, durability and opaque qualities which makes it a highly prized material for the ultimate smile makeover. EMAX® Laminate Veneers require minimal tooth preparation compared to the other options and is considered a breakthrough in dental technology. It is a glass-ceramic which is tough and enduring, yet delicate in appearance. There is no metal alloy base which means no unsightly looking grey line around the gum line. EMAX®. Restorations are designed by our technicians using a highly technical computer system on-site at our elite dental clinics, allowing you to review the design and request changes according to your preference.


Treatment Schedule

Treatment time duration allow for 6 Days in Turkey.

The first step of your treatment after our introduction appointment with your dentist, the dentist will begin preparing and filing your teeth, then make a template and our technical team start to design and produce your new EMAX Veneers. Temporary teeth will be fitted while your teeth are being made. Approximately 2-3 days later you will return to the clinic for a trial fit and adjust where necessary. The following day once polished by our technical team, your dentist will fit your EMAX Veneers completing your new Sevil Smile Studio – Smile Design.

Extra strength and durability
Minimal tooth preparation
16 colour shades available
Guarantee 2 years