£ 310 (ЗА ОДИН ЗУБ)

Because Sevil Elite White Mono crowns / full coverage are created from solid CAD / CAM zirconia, it is easy to reshape and shape a gorgeous Hollywood smile by performing any kind of correction with the latest technology even before the actual performing smile simulation.

This material is extremely durable and is recommended for people who grind their teeth as it is difficult to damage. In addition, thanks to their smooth surface, Sevil Elite White Mono crowns / full coverage are resistant to plaque formation and, thanks to their color and translucency, resemble natural tooth enamel. Since this material is metal free, it is suitable for allergy sufferers and prevents gum darkening. Our clients with Sevil Elite White Mono crowns / full coverage can also receive a 3-unit bridge for missing teeth to create a full smile.

If you prefer a brighter and whiter shade than BL1, Sevil Elite White Mono crowns are your best choice, with a brighter EWM shade for a perfect smile design.



Продолжительность лечения в Турции составляет 6 дней.

Первым шагом в вашем лечении является встреча и знакомство с вашим стоматологом / консультация / рентгеновский снимок, после чего стоматолог начнет подготовку и сбор вашей зубной карты,  а затем создаст шаблон, и наша техническая команда начнет моделирование и изготовление ваших новых КОРОНОК / ВИНИРОВ SEVIL ELITE MONO®.

For the period of creating new teeth, temporary ones will be inserted. After 1-2 days you will come to the clinic to watch a presentation of your new smile in a computer environment. After about 2-3 days, you will be returned to the clinic for a trial installation, where the necessary adjustments will be made. The next day, after our technical team has finished polishing, your dentist will insert a SEVIL ELITE MONO ® CROWN / FULL COVERAGE to complete your new Sevil SmileStudio design.

Hollywood Smile
Pure Zirconia
The only shade outside of BL1.

5-year warranty.