£ 585 (ЗА МОСТ)

These artificial teeth are called intermediate teeth and are made from SEVIL PEARLY WHITE® ZIRCOMIUM PORCELAIN CROWN / FULL VENEER or SEVIL ELITE WHITE MONO® CROWN / FULL VENEER. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants.



The first step of your treatment after our introductory appointment / consultation / X-ray with your dentist, the dentist will begin preparing and filing your teeth, then prepares the template and our technical team will begin to design and manufacture your new dental bridge. The temporary teeth will be installed at the time your teeth are made. In 1-2 days you will return to the clinic for a computer presentation of your smile design. After about 2-3 days, you will return to the clinic for a sample and, if necessary, adjustments. The day after polishing by our technical team, your dentist will place you a bridge, completing your new Sevil Smile Studio — Smile Design.

Restores your smile
Restores the ability to chew and speak correctly
Maintains the shape of the face
Prevents the remaining teeth from shifting