£ 4.320

Treatment Plan

12 Upper Jaw SEVIL PEARLY WHITE® Full Veneers/Crowns
12 Lower Jaw SEVIL PEARLY WHITE® Full Veneers/Crowns



When gums recede due to periodontal disease, crowns can begin to fail, and as a result, dental caries can appear. This client was suffering from bone recession, gaps, and loose teeth, thus affecting his ability to bite and chew. The client had previously applied crowns on the existing teeth, but the gaps had given way to an unbalanced bite line on both sides.



The old veneers and crowns were replaced with a fixed permanent bridge completed using SEVIL PEARLY WHITE® Full Veneers/Crowns. With the teeth reshaped, they are now perfectly aligned and symmetrical along the upper and lower jawline – resulting in a bright white smile.



If you’re interested in finding out more information about Sevil Smile makeovers or other treatments we offer, please message our friendly team for a quick response.


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