smile makeover

“How many days will I be in the clinic and how long does it take to redo my smile?” are just some of the most frequently asked questions. So we thought we’d give you an idea of ​​what to expect when you’re smiling with us at Sevil Smile Studio. So, have a cup of tea and let’s get started …

The day you fly to us you will receive a text message via WHATSAPP with the details of your first appointment with us here in the clinic, this is typically for the next day. Your first appointment will be the longest, which will take about half a day, so we ask you to arrive after eating and bring something to read with you, and don’t forget your passport!


QUANDO arrivi in CLINICA sarai accolto da un nostro personale della reception che prenderà il tuo nome e ti chiederà di compilare alcuni moduli durante la scansione del tuo passaporto. Le nostre amichevoli infermiere ti porteranno quindi per la radiografia OPG della bocca intera e la radiografia 3D, se necessario.Sarai quindi diretto al bar della nostra clinica fino a quando non sarai chiamato per la tua consulenza odontoiatrica; a tutti coloro che si sentono nervosi, consigliamo una tazza di tè zuccherato per aiutare a togliere lo stress.

Entrambe le nostre cliniche hanno anche il WiFi, quindi puoi controllarti e mantenere aggiornate le tue storie di Instagram. Non dimenticare di taggarci sul nostro PROFILO INSTAGRAM “SevilSmileStudio”! Durante la tua consultazione, il tuo dentista discuterà la tua salute orale dalla radiografia. E può evidenziare se sono necessari trattamenti extra che non saremmo stati in grado di dire prima della radiografia. Come puoi apprezzare, possiamo consigliare un piano più dettagliato da una radiografia dall’osservazione della tua bocca di persona durante la consultazione iniziale delle foto che hai inviato.

Together with your dentist, you will agree on your dental treatment plan and smile makeover design. Once you are satisfied and agree, both you and your dentist will sign the consent treatment form. Now, this is where the fun part begins, transforming your smile!


We like to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible during this process, that’s why each of our dental clinics has comfortable dental chairs with built-in screens so you can enter your favorite playlist, TV show or movie to pass the time and feel more at ease. It is important to us that you feel at home.

It takes approximately 2 hours to file your teeth, which will be 1mm for Laminated Veneers and 2mm for Complete Veneers / Crowns, to allow your new veneers / crowns to slide over and not be larger than the size of the original. teeth. Although in some circumstances, for example, if you had small or gritted teeth to start with, then we would make your new smile design larger to fit your correct bite. Please don’t worry about this part of the procedure, we will give you a local anesthetic administered through a fine needle, you will not feel more than a small bite, like an insect bite.

Once your teeth have been filed, we will take photos and impression molds of your teeth and bite and send them to our lab to make your new smile. We will then redirect you to the bar and waiting area, where we will kindly ask you to wait another 1 or 2 hours; when creating your temporary set.

Your temporary teeth are done quickly, so don’t panic; they will not look like your smile design of the final result; they are just for you to use temporarily until your new teeth are ready. Once the temporaries are in place, you can rest and enjoy your vacation. Next time, we’ll need you back to the clinic in two days. Our reception team will put you in touch with a message via WhatsApp for your next appointment.


Also in this case you will be welcomed by our reception staff. During this visit, you will have a trial fit of your new teeth. The dentist will remove your temporary teeth and place your new veneers / crowns on top of your own original teeth. It is normal for more than one dentist to be present during the try-in session and he will place and remove the new veneers / crowns several times to fully evaluate and verify that they fit perfectly.

During your trial fit, we need to make sure your bite is correct with your new smile. We are therefore unable to administer an anesthetic to you during this process, as this will loosen your jaw and relax the bite, so you may experience some discomfort and sensitivity, but it won’t last long and we can give you an effective pain medication later.

Una volta che il nostro team odontoiatrico sarà soddisfatto dell’adattamento, qui è, dove li ispezionerai tu stesso, scatterai foto, farei video chiamate con i tuoi cari per loro opinioni. Se desideri cambiare tonalità o apportare modifiche ai tuoi denti, questa è la tua ultima opportunità per effettuare le modifiche. Una volta che sei soddisfatto e ci hai informato di eventuali modifiche che desideri apportare alle tue faccette / corone e il team odontoiatrico ha concordato che queste modifiche possono essere apportate, i tuoi denti saranno rispediti al nostro laboratorio per finire e lucidare. I tuoi denti provvisori verranno rimontati dove sarai libero di continuare a goderti la tua vacanza. Ti inviteremo a tornare in clinica il giorno successivo o il giorno dopo per l’appuntamento di montaggio.


You guessed it, we will be greeted by our friendly team and headed back to our bar. Our dental team will then call you to have your teeth set up. The temporary teeth will be removed and the new veneers / crowns that have been sterilized and polished will be applied permanently.

In order to prevent any sense of pain, we will re-administer the anesthetic as on your first appointment. Before placing the veneers / crowns with adhesive, we will perform the last trial fit with final checks. When both you and your dentist are happy, your new smile will be fixed.

We insert your veneers / crowns one by one using a dental cement glue and a mixture of composites, using the latest technological dental equipment. Our dental team needs to be thorough and this will take a few hours, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure our state-of-the-art dental chairs have your favorite playlist ready to help you feel as relaxed as possible.

Your new Sevil Smile make-over is ready to be admired by everyone! Watch your Instagram stories of liking me! Once you’ve got it all, it’s only a 10 – 20 minute wait while we check your clamp, so you’re free to go celebrate your new smile and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Make sure you wait a few hours before eating.


This could be the same day as your second visit or the day after. We will send you a message again via WhatsApp to come to the clinic for the final check. We will take your completed smile photos, so be ‘ready for the photo shoot’, especially if you have agreed to put your photos on our Instagram and website.

We will do a final x-ray and a brief evaluation will be performed by your dentist. A

once the final “Ok” is given, we will provide you with an aftercare package containing information on how to care for your new Sevil Smile makeover and how to contact us if you need assistance or have any questions once you are back home.

Sevil and his team will say a sincere and final goodbye after sharing your smile reshaping transformation journey over the past week. We wish you the best of luck and hope you smile happily, always!