Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the rules and regulations in Turkey, we do not give any general anesthetic for treatment. We use numbing injections. We have many clients which are extremely nervous for treatment, we make them feel comfortable and put them at ease as much as possible. We will give pain relief if necessary, for the individual

We do offer composite bonding at Sevil Smile Studio. However, we do not recommend this treatment for full smile makeovers as it can stain and chip easily over time. It is very high maintenance. The maximum that can be performed are 4-8 on your upper teeth only. We recommend Lumineers, Veneers or Full Veneers if you are wanting a full smile makeover.

We currently do not offer finance plans to foreign patients.

You may require a cosmetic root canal to be able to straighten any teeth which are out of line.

Laser teeth whitening takes approximately 45 minutes. 

You may require either an implant or a bridge.  We would be able to inform you after consultation.  We can complete a bridge within 1 week.  Implants require 2 separate trips. 

Your temporary teeth are completely different to the result.  Their main role is to protect you from sensitivity and infection while you are waiting for your new smile.  If you have any concerns, we can adjust accordingly. 

Whitening lasts 6-12 months depending on the individual.  Whitening will take your teeth back to their natural colour which is usually 2-3 shades.    For example, if you are a smoker the results will not last as long. 

Our elite boutique clinic is located in Didim, Turkey. Local Airports Milas–Bodrum Airport (BJV) and Izmir Airport (ADB)

Every individual will have a different experience. Some people feel no pain at all, others may feel sensitivity during and after treatment. If any sensitivity is felt after the treatment it goes within a few weeks.

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are supported by either natural teeth or implants.

All our cosmetic dentists and dental surgeons work to the same elite standard.
Sevil is one of the team who preforms cosmetic and general dentistry.

You will have an introduction consultation, X-rays, temporary teeth, treatment, pain relief, aftercare information, all taxes, material and work guarantee.

We offer great package winter deals from November to April.
Our team can recommend hotels close to our Didim or Antalya Clinics
Please Note we don’t arrange or book flights.

Contact our team for more information. 

If you are having implant treatment you will be required to come for 2 visits.  The first visit takes 7 days and the second visit takes 14 days.  We recommend assessing a full mouth X-ray from your local dentist before travelling to Turkey for treatment.  

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tech implant system

Veneers would not stain easily.  However, it depends on the individual’s habits such as smoking.  You can have laser teeth whitening to gain good results again if this does occur.  

It depends on individual preference, the material chosen and how many teeth.   
We offer a variety of dental treatments, you can find the price list on our website here.
Treatment Prices

Until your crowns are fitted you will have to consume soft food such as soup, fish, pasta and eggs etc.  You can drink as normal including alcohol.   After treatment has completed, you can eat and drink normally.   

It’s very simple to book.
Contact our team with your preferred dates and we will check our availability.
To secure your appointment in our booking system please provide your flight and hotel details, Full Name, Contact Number and Email.
We will confirm your appointment with an email/booking form and SMS.

If you need make any changes to your appointment date or time please contact our team.    

Yes, when having SEVIL PEARLY OSW®, SEVIL PEARLY WHITE® and SEVIL ELITE WHITE MONO® your natural teeth will be filed down by 2mm.  
If you choose to have Emax®, they will be filed down by 1mm.  However, not everybody is suitable for Emax crowns. 

If you’re suitable for lumineers your teeth will not be filed down.  

You would need to come to Turkey for 1 full week / 7 days to complete a full smile makeover.  During this period, you will be required to come to the clinic 3-5 times. Don’t worry you will have plenty of time to enjoy your holiday.

You personally make your colour shade selection from our colour charts in clinic.
We have a selection of demonstration teeth to assist also in your shade selection.

1 colour shade

22 colour shades

16 colour shades

1 colour shade

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