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Antalya is the city which you can witness four seasons. In addition, three out of four seasons are mostly mild as spring like and the other is summer. During this colourful seasons you can ski on a magnificent mountain in the morning and swim in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean in the rest of the day.

When King Attalos first seen Antalya, he called it “Paradise on Earth”. Its full green nature and turquoise waters and natural harbour made it a favourite destination for visitors and settlers during ages. Therefore Antalya has a rich cultural heritage with many remains of a great history. The Romans, Alexander the Great, Arabs, Persians, Seljuk Empire, Ottoman Empire and many more have left their footprints on the area over the centuries. In addition King Attalos of Pergamon who in 159 B.C. gave the name Attaleia fort he region, which caused it’s present name to come out as Antalya.

The name Antalya means “the home of Attalos” was founded by Attalos II. After the fall of Pergamon Kingdom (133 BC), the city was independent for a while but then fell in the hands of pirates. It was later move in the hands of Roman Empire by Commander Servilius Isauricus in 77 BC. In 67 BC, after all the became a naval base for Pompeius. In 130 AD, the visit of Hadrianus provided bright development for Attalia city. Attalia which was accepted as the centre of episcopacy during the Byzantine period made a great advancements after captured by Turks. Today, the modern city is placed on the ancient settlements formed by layers due to different time periods. You can still see artifacts and historical remains even in the city center such as Kaleiçi (Oldtown) The first one of the ruins that can be seen is the part of harbour pier that represents the old harbour and the walls surrounding the harbour. Hadrian’s Gate is one of the unique great monuments of ancient history of Antalya.

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