About Altinkum /Didim

A beautiful beach overlooking the Aegean!

Holidays to Altinkum, Didim which translates as 'The Golden Sands', are amazing; this paradise of a beach overlooking the Aegean is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds: lots to do and see day and night, as well as a relaxing time in one of Turkey's quieter resorts.

The resort boasts a handful of glorious beaches for you to enjoy such as Main beach which offers calm and shallow waters perfect for a fun-filled afternoon with the family. Further along the coast, the smaller and quieter Third beach also boasts a beach side restaurant which offers a mix of local and international cuisine. you’ll find a mix of bars, restaurants and clubs to enjoy at your own pace.

For those looking to explore Altinkum, the Temple of Apollo is a great place to start, people still travel long and far to witness these great ruins.

On your own, you see. On a tour, you do.

Beautiful beaches, great weather and glorious restaurants and bars await you!!

WHAT to expect

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Our Didim Top 5 Hotels

D-Marin Didim Marina Yacht Club

Aquasis Deluxe Resort & Spa

Venosa Beach Resort SPA

Garden of Sun Hotel

Asel Hotel

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Our Didim Top 5 Restaurants

Upstairs Cafe-Restaurant

D-Marin Didim Marina Yacht Club


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Photo by Caglar Araz on Unsplash

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